Alicia Jaime, President of IVS, and Jose Samaniego, Vice President, are husband and wife. More than 28 years together made them strong to face together good and bad times in life. Both of them worked for a business that eventually closed its Iowa operations and with a love for their homeland they embraced their expertise to pursue the American Dream.

More than three years later, IVS distributes its American-made products from Urbandale, Iowa to veterinarian clinics worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Central and South America, Japan, and several countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Although exports currently represent 100 percent of its sales, IVS is now focusing on opening domestic markets to position it for future growth to achieve their main goal: just help the ones that like them are hard workers and never stop: OUR FARMERS.

Alicia Jaime, President of IVS says “This is not just about business; this is changing peoples’ lives, and ours, is already changed. Iowa is our home, our land, our people. When we had the option to leave Iowa we couldn’t even think about it! Here is our place and we will work hard to give the best of us to our homeland.”

You can find Jaime and her husband at the shows, always with a friendly smile and open to do whatever is needed to make you feel like family. Personalized customer service is their main goal that is already lost by big corporations.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Alicia and the team at IVS or are in need of veterinary supplies for your clinic or ag business, please reach out to Jaime through the Contact Us page, email Alicia directly at or call 844.401.7703