Xtreme Bio inactivates pathogens at their source


Xtreme Bio — a proven, effective and economical quality antimicrobial and cleaning product —is the backbone of a solid biosecuity program. Xtreme Bio is the best way to minimize and eliminate the introduction and spread of disease causing pathogens to your farm premises, buildings, barns and other facilities.

Your first line of biosecurity defense and disease control

Bio-Exclusion, or disease control, is one of the most challenging areas for pork and poultry producers, regardless of whether the animals are housed indoors or outdoors. Producers aim for minimal clinical disease status (bio-management) because it is economically and technically infeasible to exclude all important pathogens from a facility. However, certain disease agents should always be excluded since bio-management methods are ineffective while exclusion opportunities are practical.

Xtreme Bio FOR VET CLINICS: Odorless and safe to use on all clinic surfaces!

Xtreme Bio is formulated entirely with FDA “GRAS Ingredients” (GenerallyRecognized ASafe)— conventional disinfectants aren’t.  Xtreme Bio is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, odorless and biodegrades in  less than 10 days. Xtreme Bio contains NO alcohols, chlorine bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, methanol, bleaching agents, quaternary, or glutaraldehyde. It is non-carcinogenic, non-pathogenic and does not contain any substances that are considered dangerous to use. Its a safe, environmentally friendly disinfectant that can be used with confidence for any clinical cleaning requirements.

Xtreme Bio aerosol is ideal for cleaning exam table tops, surgery areas, and all surfaces throughout the clinic. The odorless formula means pets will not be distressed by chemical odors.

Xtreme Bio Concentrate is perfect for diluting into mop buckets for floor tile and vinyl floor cleaning and treating, and leaves no sticky residue.