This message is to inform you about some possible impacts on your cargo and shipments. We know that  the current coronavirus situation is unprecedented around the world, especially regarding freight and supply chains.

At this time, Port Terminal warehouses are reducing operating hours and shift hours due to the virus and carrier crew shortages, due to reduced work requirements. Port Terminals will all begin to reduce certain shifts and reduce hours of operation. There are predictions of an 18-30% drop in cargo volume handling at EC port terminals compared to last year at this time. Because of this there could be cases where the trucker is not available for entry- exit at the port terminals.

Potentially, this could add another day of required chassis rental days and storage/stay/stop charges. We’re also seeing some cases where the port is rejecting certain containers as there is an influx of empty containers at port. We anticipate that there will be more delays in moving the containers from port to rail.

This will add delivery times for the entire load. Railroads and truckers could also do the same and reduce hours and operations, so the delays may get longer as the situation changes.

If we are your cargo agent, we will track all your shipments closely and do our best to keep your goods moving. Things are changing rapidly, so you’ll continue to keep you informed about any major developments. I hope this will help explain the current situation in more detail and let’s work together to limit as many outages as possible.

We ask you to analyze your inventory levels carefully and take into account possible delivery delays, and plan your orders accordingly.

The evaluation of our stock levels (both IVS and its customers) will be critical in the analysis to avoid any disruptions in our supply chains and that is why we ask you to see your orders in time so that we can continue working accordingly to this unusual situation.

In this atypical time, we all have to support and help each other, and our mission is to keep you informed of the situation and guarantee you the best possible service.

Consistency is the key. While the nature of the crisis can change from day to day, communication that comes from top to bottom must be focused and consistent. The position that owners must take and leadership is to support and understand employees and customers. While no one knows the end result of this event, delivering consistency during uncertain times contributes greatly to building loyalty and trust in the brand. Consistency also shows a company’s strength and commitment to the community. With confidence, loyalty and commitment, the days ahead will be better for consistent companies.

Let’s be calm in the storm. From a business owner’s perspective, no matter the size of the company, when forecasts show stormy weather, the initial action is to close the hatches and get out of the storm. But time and time again, it is the leaders who stand up and instill confidence in their staff, their customers and their futures who win.

IVS will continue to serve its customers with the best in communication strategies and marketing execution during this crisis. Our approach is to help our partners to amplify their brand and their commitment to building a better future for their businesses and communities.

We send our warmest regards to you and with God’s help, will continue to fight this crisis together.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know. We are always available for you!



ALWAYS with You