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2 QT Nursing Milk Calf Bottle with Teat

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The 2 QT nursing milk calf bottle with teat is an essential tool for the hand-rearing of calves, ensuring that the young animals receive the vital nutrition they need in the absence of their mother.

The design of these bottles is specifically tailored to mimic the natural feeding process, with a teat that simulates a cow's nipple, promoting proper suckling behavior and digestion.

Quality is paramount when selecting a calf bottle, as it must withstand frequent use and cleaning.

Features such as a vented cap to regulate air flow and prevent vacuum build-up, and durable, natural rubber teats that are comfortable for the calf and resistant to wear, are indicative of a high-quality bottle.

The ease of disassembly and cleaning is also crucial to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of disease and proper use involves regular sterilization and monitoring the condition of the teat to ensure it remains safe for the calf to use.

With the right bottle, calf-rearing can be a more manageable and successful endeavor, contributing to the health and growth of the herd.

  • Snap cap nipple.
  • Strong but lightweight bottle has notched pint markers.
  • Plastic construction means it won't crack or break.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • With grip indentations molded into the bottle for better handling.







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