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Disposable Needles — Aluminum Hub

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Designed and manufactured specially for Animal Health use with Aluminum Luer Lock hub. Sterile, autoclave and nonpyrogenic components makes them safe and reliable. Packed in individual sterile cartridges that are color coded by gauge-5 year sterility duration. Box of 100 cartridges *Due to California state licensing regulations, this product cannot be shipped to California. **NOTE: The sale of disposable syringes and needles is controlled in the state of New York. We are unable to ship to individuals who do not have a Certificate of Need. The Certificate of Need is issued to people who will be using the needles for industrial, agricultural, and/or educational uses. The Certificate of Need is available by writing to: Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

433 River Street Suite 303
Troy, NY 12180
Call 1-866-811-7957 to request faxed forms.
Please include your Certificate of Need number with your order.







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