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TPX™ Plastic Reusable Syringe w/ Dose Nut

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TPX™ (polymethylpentene, or Transparent Ploymer X) syringes are suitable for all medical and lab use, and are superior to HDPE (nylon) syringes.
Features and properties of TPX gives to our syringes is completely different than the features a Nylon Syringe offers. Sterilization: TPX can be sterilized at temperatures of up to 232º C (instead of 132º C for Nylon) Excellent transparency Durable Light weight Chemical/steam resistant High insulation properties Unbreakable and durable plastic syringe. Transparent barrel made with strong and special materials that makes them highly resistant. Uses Luer-lock and Luer-slip needles. For cleaning and disinfection purposes this syringe can be boiled. Blister packed. *Due to California state licensing regulations, this product cannot be shipped to California.







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