Self-Adhesive Vet Bandages

Self-Adhesive Vet Bandages


Save 28%! Only $1.00 each when you buy 18 or more! 



Protect surgical wounds, cuts, scrapes and bruises while they heal with IVS’s self-adhesive vet bandages. Our lightweight fabric is breathable, stretches, compresses without constricting, and stays in place! These bandages are highly durable, meaning you’ll use less material per roll. Compare with the competition — we think you’ll agree — not all bandages are created equal! These bandages are much better than non-sticky bandages because they are self-adhesive, and is not prone to coming undone and off. Self-adhesive vet bandage wrapping does not require irritant adhesives or pins and does not adhere to other surfaces such as hair or skin. Will not be loosened by sweat or water. Works great on all animals — horses, cattle, small animals, and pets! Bandage helps to protect bandage package, relieve swelling and promote healing. It is an ideal choice for tension and sprain. It can also be used for pet wound wrapping. Soft, breathable materials – porous, lightweight materials can breathe the injured area, which is conducive to healing and recovery.  Wide range of uses – Made of non-woven material, breathable, light, soft, less irritating to the skin suitable for body parts, such as ankles, legs, paws, etc.

These premium, self-adhesive vet bandages are resistant to abrasion and shredding, even with active animals. I With superior adhesion, this bandage is sweat and water-resistant, yet is still easy to remove and won’t stick to skin or fur. Convenient and easy to use, it can be hand-torn straight and clean, so you don’t need scissors. Comes in a variety of colors.


Self adhesive — quick & easy application.

Available in assorted colors.

Straight hand tear — no scissors needed.

Provides lightweight compression and sticks to itself without sticking to the wound.

Allows skin to breathe and is non-irritating.

Each roll is 4˝ x 5 yds of stretchable material.

Sold individually.

Regularly $1.40 per roll; when purchasing 18 or more, $1.00.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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