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Hoof Cutter

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The quality of a hoof cutter is paramount for the effective and safe trimming of animal hooves. The High-quality of our hoof cutters are designed to be sharp, durable, and comfortable to handle. They are essential tools for maintaining the hoof health of livestock such as cattle, goats, and horses. Proper hoof trimming is crucial as it prevents lameness, promotes good hoof health, and enhances animal welfare. For instance, in bovines, regular trimming can prevent conditions like overgrown hooves, cracks, and infections, which are detrimental to the animals' mobility and productivity. Similarly, for goats, using the right hoof trimmer, whether electric or manual, ensures the trimming process is hassle-free and prevents hoof rot and other bacterial foot diseases. In horses, the correct size and type of hoof nipper can provide more leverage and precision, especially for different horse breeds and hoof conditions. Therefore, selecting the right hoof cutter tailored to the specific needs of the livestock and the handler's comfort can significantly contribute to the overall health and well-being of the animals.

  • Multi-purpose, heavy duty hoof trimmer, ideal for: cattle, sheep, horses, etc.
  • Minimize effort with this double-action compound joint.
  • Heavy-duty Carbon Steel Alloy.
  • Length: 16.4˝ / 41 cm.







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