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  • Blu-Kote Antiseptic-  128 grams/4.52 oz

    Blu-Kote Antiseptic- 128 grams/4.52 oz

    A fast-drying antiseptic wound dressing for horses and dogs effective against pus-producing bacteria, common fungus infections and ringworm. Designed for surface wounds and abrasions.  Keeping bacteria at bay can be time-consuming, but Dr. Naylor’s Blu-Kote makes it easier. Blu-Kote is a germ-killing, fungicidal wound dressing and healing aid that works to protect animals against common infections and pus-producing bacteria. It penetrates the skin and dries quickly, reducing pus formation and drying up secretions of pox-like lesions. For animal use: Treats Bumblefoot in chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs; scratches on    horses; goat pox; ringworm; wire cuts Useful as a marking agent for animals and in treating proud flesh in horses Useful after castration, on the umbilical cord to dry out the wound Prevents group pecking in chickens


  • PREMIUM Orange Shoulder-Length OB Glove Super Sensitive (Box of 100)

    PREMIUM Orange Shoulder-Length OB Glove Super Sensitive (Box of 100)

    OB SUPER SENSITIVE PREMIUM ORANGE GLOVES Shoulder-length high-quality soft polyethylene orange glove PREMIUM OB gloves are super STRONG and super SENSITIVE! Silkier, more sensitive, more resistant (not easily broken). They stretch but do not break. Packed 100 per handy dispenser type box


  • 2CC / 5CC Tube Fed Vaccinator

    2CC / 5CC Tube Fed Vaccinator

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      In the realm of veterinary medicine, the 2ml and 5ml vaccinator with a feeding tube represents a significant advancement in delivering medications and vaccines efficiently and accurately. This device is particularly beneficial for mass treatments, where precision and speed are crucial. The self-refilling syringe mechanism allows for consistent dosage without the risk of human error, ensuring each animal receives the exact amount of medication required. The use of a feeding tube set, often accompanied by a sinker valve, guarantees that the medicament reaches the bottom of the container and is fully utilized, minimizing waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the design of these vaccinators often includes features such as plunger tightness without O-rings to prevent contamination and durable materials for longevity. The quality of these instruments is paramount, as it directly impacts the health and well-being of the animals being treated. Regular maintenance and proper handling are essential to preserve their functionality and reliability. In conclusion, the 2ml and 5ml vaccinator with a feeding tube is a vital tool in veterinary practices, enhancing the quality of care provided to animals through precise and efficient medication administration. IVS kit includes extra parts Accurately delivers selected dose Easy V-grip for high volume use Metal Luer Lock tip Removable barrel for cleaning Durable plastic design Clear-colored barrel and tubing for easy reading SKU: 02-PL2ML-FB (Adjustable dosage from .25mL to 2mL)SKU: 02-PL5ML-FB (Adjustable dosage from .5mL to 5mL)

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  • Red-Kote Skin Treatment - 128grams/4.52oz

    Red-Kote Skin Treatment - 128grams/4.52oz

    A non-drying, soothing, and softening skin treatment that stimulates new, healthy skin growth while discouraging scar tissue formation. For fast, safe healing of lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, chafes and other superficial wounds, thoroughly clean the wound area, and apply Red-Kote once or twice daily. Red-Kote is non-drying, soothing, and softening, and stimulates new, healthy skin growth while discouraging scar tissue formation. For animal use: Treats dry scales, leg mites and scaly leg in chickens Treats bumblefoot, fowl pox; 
wire cuts Useful against proud flesh in horses Helps to prevent white hair in healing wounds


  • IVS Pink Eye Spray-16 oz

    IVS Pink Eye Spray-16 oz

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    IVS Pink Eye Spray. For treatment of pink eye (allergic conjunctivitis) to help relieve burning, stinging, itchy watery eyes, and removal of foreign materials. Use to wash away mucous secretions and discharges. Safe for use on all animal species. Directions for Use: Wipe away excess matter that may have collected in corners of eyes. Set nozzle to STREAM setting. Spray 3 times directly into each eye with IVS Antimicrobial Pink Eye Spray. Apply 1-2 times per day until condition is no longer visible. No rinsing necessary. Seek veterinary care if damaged cornea is suspected. Usage Precautions: For external use only, DO NOT INJECT. Always consult with a veterinarian for systemic conditions. Discontinue if irritation develops and contact your veterinarian. For animal use only, not for use on humans. Keep out of reach of children. Safe if licked or ingested by animals. Will not stain and contains no chemicals or dyes. Storage: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Do not use after 2 years from Exp. After use, seal or close dispenser. Disposal: No special disposal requirements. IVS Pink Eye is all-natural and environmentally friendly. IVS Pink Eye Spray formula contains Hypochlorous Acid, a known antimicrobial which serves as a preservative to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the solution. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Hypochlorous Acid (0.02%)

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