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  • Electric Tail Docker

    Electric Tail Docker

    Electric tail dockers are specialized tools used in livestock management, particularly for swine, to prevent tail biting—a common issue in pig farming. These devices work by cutting and cauterizing the tail simultaneously, which minimizes bleeding and the risk of infection. High-quality electric tail dockers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature during use, ensuring effective cauterization and a quick procedure. The use of such tools is crucial for maintaining animal welfare while also addressing farm management needs. Can also be used for severing umbilical cords. Reduce the incidence of tail biting. Cauterizes as it cuts. Reduces bleeding and infections. 110V


  • White's Toenail Scissors

    White's Toenail Scissors

    Scissors designed for clipping tubular rather than flat nails, or claws. The cutting edges of the blades form a circle when open so that the claw cannot escape when they are closed. Good Quality surgical instruments made with high-grade Stainless Steel material‍


  • Pig Tooth Nipper - Stainless Steel

    Pig Tooth Nipper - Stainless Steel

    Smooth ground tapered jaws. Spring operated. Can also be used to clip tails.‍


  • Spiral Curry Comb

    Spiral Curry Comb

    Four spring steel spiral blades with dual sides: one side has rounded teeth for fine, thin hair, the other side has sharp teeth for coarse thick hair. Plastic handle, colors may vary.‍


  • Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush

    Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush

    The Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush is a versatile tool designed for the care of livestock, particularly for removing deep-seated dirt and loose hairs. Its flexible polyteen bristles are gentle yet effective, making it suitable for regular grooming to maintain the animal's coat health. Additionally, the brush features special guards for finger protection and an adjustable hand strap to accommodate any hand size, ensuring comfort and safety during use. While primarily intended for livestock, similar brushes are also available for pets like cats and dogs, and even for human hair care, offering detangling benefits and scalp massages. The quality of such brushes is often reflected in their durability and the comfort they provide during grooming sessions. When selecting a massage brush, it's important to consider the type of bristles, the flexibility of the brush head, and the ergonomic design of the handle for ease of use Flexible and  comfortable hand grip makes it easy to groom. Durable polyteen bristles are designed to remove deep-seated dirt and loose hairs. Finger protection, special guard and adjustable hand strap fits any size hand. Color may vary ‍


  • Large Rubber Curry Comb

    Large Rubber Curry Comb

    This soft black rubber curry combs helps remove mud and loosen matted dirt for quick grooming. Great for horses! Black‍



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