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4˝ Calf Nipples

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Calf nipples are an essential tool in the husbandry of young livestock, particularly for calves that may be orphaned or require supplemental feeding

The quality of these nipples is paramount as they must be durable enough to withstand the vigorous nursing behavior of calves, yet soft enough to be safe for their delicate mouths. 

Known for its exceptional rubber formula that balances toughness with flexibility for extended use these nipples are designed to fit specific bottle caps and are often available in various sizes to accommodate different age groups and feeding needs. Proper use of calf nipples involves ensuring they are clean and free from defects before each feeding, and replacing them at signs of wear to prevent ingestion of small pieces. With the right quality and care, calf nipples can significantly ease the process of hand-rearing calves, ensuring they receive the vital nutrition they need during the early stages of life. 

Signs of wear in calf nipples can include visible cracks, tears, or significant thinning of the rubber material. These defects can not only affect the feeding efficiency but also pose a health risk to the calves, as cracked nipples can harbor bacteria that may lead to infections. It's crucial to inspect the nipples regularly for these signs of wear and tear and replace them promptly to maintain a safe and hygienic feeding environment for the young livestock. Additionally, any discoloration or change in texture could indicate degradation of the material, which is another sign that the nipple should be replaced. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of calf nipples are essential for the well-being of the calves and the smooth operation of feeding routines

  • Milk Bucket/Bottle Nipple/Teat Replacement.
  • Non-toxic rubber for milk drinking feeders
  • 4˝ length; Red or White







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