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2 QT Fluid Feeder w/ Plastic Probe

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 The 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is an essential tool for the health and well-being of young livestock, particularly calves that are unable to nurse naturally. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as illness, weakness, or rejection by the mother. 

The feeder's design ensures safe insertion and fluid delivery directly to the calf's stomach, which is crucial for their survival in the early stages of life. It is also used for rehydration of stressed cattle, providing a means to deliver electrolytes and other necessary fluids to promote recovery. The feeder's easy -to-use design allows for one-person operation, making it a practical tool for farmers and veterinarians alike. Its durability and ease of cleaning also make it a reliable choice for repeated use in various farm conditions. 

The product features a 24-inch flexible esophageal probe, which is carefully sized for calves, ensuring that it cannot be accidentally inserted into the trachea, thus reducing the risk of aspiration and potential drowning.  The feeder's crimp valve allows for easy control of the fluid flow, which is slow enough to encourage the calf to produce saliva, aiding in proper digestion.

The durability of the feeder is notable; it remains flexible even at 0 F, making it suitable for use in various environmental conditions. Additionally, the ease of cleaning is a significant advantage, as the bottle, tube and probe can be quickly disassembled, ensuring hygiene and the ability to maintain the feeder in optimal condition for repeated use. This practicality is matched by the feeder's construction which resists punctures and tears, and a design that prevents air from entering the bottle as the liquid is dispensed. 

Overall, the 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is a reliable, user-friendly and safe option for delivering vital sustenance to calves in need. 




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