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60˝ OB Chain

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The 60-inch obstetrical (OB) chain is a crucial tool in veterinary medicine, particularly in the field of bovine obstetrics. It is designed to aid in the delivery of calves, providing a good grip without causing injury to the calf or cow during a difficult calving process. The OB chain is often preferred over rope because it is more sanitary and less likely to slip off during use.

When selecting an OB chain, it is important to consider the material for durability and ease of cleaning. Premium-quality nickel-plated OB chains are recommended for their reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

In practice, using two 30-inch chains—one on either leg—can be more practical than a single 60-inch chain. Proper placement is critical: a chain loop should be placed around the leg just above the fetlock, with a half-hitch just above the hoof to spread the tension and avoid injury.

After use, the chains should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to maintain sanitation.

The use of OB chains is a testament to the advancements in veterinary practices that ensure the safety and health of livestock during the birthing process


Strong! Tested to withstand a minimum of 1,200 lbs. of pull.







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