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Bottle Mount Vaccinator

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Bottle Mount Vaccinators have revolutionized the way vaccinations are administered in animal care.

These devices offer a high level of accuracy and efficiency, making the vaccination process quicker and more reliable. This one-handed operation increases the ease of use for the care provider and reduces the stress on the animals.

The BMV's compatibility with various bottle sizes and its adjustable dosage settings make it versatile for different vaccination needs. Moreover, the BMV's design minimizes vaccine wastage, as it allows for quick bottle changes without spilling. The quality of these devices is upheld through rigorous testing in both laboratory and field settings, ensuring they meet the demanding needs of pork, beef, sheep, and dairy producers making the BMV also aids in record-keeping and quality control efforts, confirming that the correct treatments are administered and tracked efficiently. Overall, the BMV stands out as a tool that promotes animal welfare and streamlines vaccination protocols in animal husbandry.

Designed for efficient and effective application of all animal health injectables, the BMV is durable and affordable. The self-contained, ergonomic one-handed unit allows full mobility, and changing dosages is easy and quick. The universal needle cup accommodates a Luer Spec needle. This vaccinator’s rugged construction makes it great for iron shots and more!


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Large dosage adjuster makes changing dosage easy.
  • Universal Luer lock fits any needle.
  • Economically priced.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Great for iron shots and much more.

2ML: Adjustable from 0.10 ml to 2 ml in 0.10 ml increments
5ML: Adjustable from 0.50 ml to 5 ml in 0.50 ml increments
10ML: Adjustable from 1.00 ml to 10 ml in 1.00 ml increments







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