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Calf Bottle Nipple

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The quality and use of small bottle nipples are crucial for the care of small animals, particularly when dealing with vulnerable populations such as orphaned kittens, small breed puppies, and wildlife. Products like these Nipples are designed to closely mimic natural suckling, providing comfort and reducing the risk of aspiration.

These nipples are often made from durable, flexible rubber which is not only safe and  but also easy to clean, ensuring the health and safety of the animals. The incorporation of a base of the nipple allows for a more natural feeding experience. This feature helps to prevent accidental swallowing. This nipple is known for its high quality and effectiveness in facilitating the growth and development of young animals. When selecting a nipple for hand-feeding, it is essential to consider these features to ensure the well-being of the small animals in your care

Milk baby farm Bottle Nipple/Teat Replacement.
Non-toxic rubber.
2.7˝ (6.9 cm) Long, 0.9˝ (2.4 cm) Base







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