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Clear Shoulder-Length OB Glove 1-1/4 ML

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Veterinarians use OB clear shoulder gloves for a variety of procedures that require cleanliness and precision. These gloves are essential during the birthing process of large animals, where they help in examining and assisting with the delivery. They are also used in artificial insemination procedures, providing the necessary sensitivity and dexterity. The gloves' shoulder-length coverage ensures that veterinarians are protected, maintaining a sterile environment as much as possible. The clear material of the gloves allows for better visibility, ensuring that the veterinarian can see and feel what they are doing, which is crucial for the safety and health of the animal being treated. 

These gloves are typically made from high-quality polyethylene fiber, which ensures maximum strength and optimal sensitivity, allowing veterinarians to perform delicate tasks effectively. The shoulder-length design provides extensive coverage, safeguarding against contamination during invasive procedures. With a thickness of 1.25 mil and a length of 36 inches, these gloves strike a balance between durability and tactile feel, which is crucial for both the safety of the animal and the precision of the veterinary work.

High quality 1-1/4 mil disposable five-finger sanitary obstetrical gloves. 36 in. length. Packed 100 per handy dispenser type box.(shoulder length). 1-1⁄4 mil thickness







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