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CMT Concentrate

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The California Mastitis Test (CMT) is a quick and reliable method to detect mastitis in dairy cows, a common and costly problem for dairy farmers.

ImmuCell's CMT is designed for ease of use and accuracy, providing a cost-effective solution for mastitis management. The test works by detecting the somatic cell count in milk, which increases significantly during mastitis due to the presence of white blood cells fighting the infection. When mixed with the CMT reagent, the DNA from these cells creates a gel-like substance, indicating the health status of the milk.

This test is essential for early detection, allowing for prompt treatment and reducing the risk of spreading the infection to other cows.

Additionally, the concentrated formula offered by ImmuCell is economical, as one pint can be diluted to make one gallon of working solution, sufficient for approximately 350 tests. This not only helps in managing the health of the herd but also ensures the quality of milk production.


Concentrated Mastitis test formula for use with Mastitis Test Paddle.








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