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Cow Lift Heavy Duty

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Cow lifts are essential tools in the management of livestock, particularly for assisting cows that are unable to stand on their own due to illness, injury, or after giving birth. High-quality cow lifts are designed to be durable, safe, and humane, providing support to the cow during recovery. They come in various styles, such as hip lifts and full-body slings, each suited for different situations and sizes of cattle. The use of a cow lift can significantly improve the chances of recovery by helping to prevent further injury and enabling essential veterinary treatment. It's crucial for farmers to have a reliable cow lift on hand for emergencies, as timely intervention can save a cow's life and reduce the need for extensive veterinary services


• Robust and stable design; proven for decades

• An indispensable device for cows that cannot get back on their feet (e.g. complicated parturition)

• This is an investment that pays back quickly; a must for every dairy cattle farmer

• The gummed clamps are adjustable to any size cow 

• In combination with a pulley or another hoisting apparatus, small to medium breeds can be assisted to their feet, to a max of 900 kg 




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