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Hoof Knife w/Double Edge Blade

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A hoof knife with a double-edged blade is a versatile tool used in farrier for the maintenance of horse hooves. Crafted from special tool steel for durability and precision, these knives are designed to last longer than ordinary knives and maintain a sharp edge for clean, smooth cuts. The double-edged design allows for use in both hands, which can help reduce wrist stress. It's essential for trimming away loose and dried-out sole or ragged frogs between farrier visits. However, caution is advised as the blades are very sharp; it's important not to cut into live flesh as it may cause soreness or bleeding. Regular sharpening is recommended to ensure the knife performs well during hoof trimming, which is key for good hoof health

Hoof Knife with contoured polished steel blades and hardwood handle designed to provide maximum leverage and pressure. Double edge knife.







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