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Double-Sided Hoof Rasp with Ergonomic Handle

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A double-sided hoof rasp with  handle is a versatile tool essential for equine hoof care. It  features coarse teeth on one side and finer teeth on the other, allowing for both aggressive removal of hoof material and finer shaping. The ergonomic  handle is designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand, making it easier to perform the necessary rasping work. Such tools are not only used by farriers but can also be adapted for use in other animals or even in woodworking for those who appreciate their multifunctional nature

Contains coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces for multiple rasping work. Traditional style rasp with improved, aggressive serrations remove substantial hoof matter quickly.

A must-have item for your tack room.

Specifications: 14˝ L x 1-3/4˝ W.







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