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IVS Food-Grade Lubricant 1.7 oz

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IVS’s Food-Grade Lubricant is perfect for keeping you syringes in good shape! A special blend of base fluids and very specific additives makes this lubricant the best product for syringe maintenance.
After cleaning your syringe, place two or three drops on the piston o-ring to lubricate.
Contents: 1.7 oz.
This anti-wear lubricant is registered by the National Science Foundation (Class H1) for use where there is potential for incidental food contact. It meets the 1998 guidelines of the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact. This lubricant contains only substances permitted under US 21 CFR 178.3570, 178.3620 and 182 for use in lubricants with incidental food contact.







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