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Numbered IVS Ear Tags/MAXI (BAG/25)

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Numbers are laser engraved, meaning permanent markings are burned into the tag. Laser engraving offers a black/grayish imprint and is much more visible on a lighter-colored tag. If you are ordering a black tag, the numbers will be a gray or off-white color. The laser engraving will ensure the tag is readable for the lifetime of the animal. 

Laser engraved tags minimum order: 100 (4 bags).

For high tag management numbers between 201-9999, please include number series needed in the “special instructions” field at checkout. Add $5 freight charge per high number tag drop ship tag order.  Fees will be applied during processing.

Size: 4 5/8" high x 3" wide.

Male buttons included in each bag.

25 tags per bag.

  • 100-minimum quantity per SKU. The quantity cannot be reached by splitting across colors or layouts.

  • Our custom tag orders ship FAST — typically 7-10 days!

  • If you have additional question, we are here to help! 

Our ear tags can be applied with our IVS Ear Tag Applicator or Allflex applicator. All IVS tag sizes are the same as Allflex tags.



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