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  • FerriMAX™ Heavy-Duty Cow Magnet

    FerriMAX™ Heavy-Duty Cow Magnet

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    Hardware disease is a serious problem caused by ingested fragments of wire from fences, nails and screws. These sharp metal bits can perforate the gut or end up in the bloodstream and eventually make their way to the heart and other vital organs. FerriMAX™ Cow Magnets offer a simple and economical prevention to hardware disease. SPECIAL: 1-11 magnets: $2.60 each / 12 + magnets: $2.45 eachFerriMax™ features Ringed ferrite and steel assembly for maximum strength and attraction Strongest magnet on the market Easy to administer Polished steel endcaps & rings Size: 3-1/8" x 3/4" (18.5mm x 79mm)‍

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  • Nylon Coated Ceramic Magnet

    Nylon Coated Ceramic Magnet

    This rectangular magnet is made of Ceramic 5 (Strontium Ferrite) Rumen magnets are extremely effective in reducing the chance of cows getting Hardware Disease.‍



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