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  • 200 cc Drencher  with Nozzle

    200 cc Drencher with Nozzle

      The 200 cc drencher with nozzle is a versatile and essential tool for livestock management, particularly valued for its precision and efficiency in administering oral treatments. This instrument is designed to deliver accurate dosages of medication, ensuring that each animal receives the exact amount required for effective treatment. The drencher's nozzle is specifically crafted to facilitate ease of use and minimize stress for both the operator and the animal. With features like rapid fill time and a dial-a-dose selection, it allows for quick adjustments between large and small doses without wasting product. This makes it ideal for a variety of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, and more. The robust construction of the drencher ensures durability, while its design allows for easy cleaning and reassembly, contributing to its reliability and long-term performance in the field. Furthermore, advancements in drencher technology, such as the Optiline™ Drencher, have introduced ergonomic designs and patented dose locks that enhance the drenching process, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive. With this durable drench gun, you can administer precise amounts of liquid medications and medical solutions during animal care. Drenchers are a great solution when speed and accuracy are crucial as they allow for rapid fill times and dial-a-dose adjustments. To fill the drench gun, simply depress the trigger, insert the gun’s probe into the liquid you’re administering, and then release the trigger. A proper dosage ready for administration will be the result every time Features: Autoclavable Adjustable dosage dial Ergonomic handle Acetate barrel Resistant to chemicals Calibration through distal screw Supplied with a 200 mm cannula Self Contained - Does not connect to a tube


  • Replacement Barrel/200 ml Drencher

    Replacement Barrel/200 ml Drencher

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    Plastic barrel fits 02-PL200ML-DREN drencher.

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  • Replacement Cannula/200ml Drencher

    Replacement Cannula/200ml Drencher

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    Cannula fits 200ml Drencher.

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  • Drenching Nozzle (Luer lock)

    Drenching Nozzle (Luer lock)

    Drenching nozzles with luer lock are essential tools in veterinary medicine, designed for the safe and efficient oral administration of liquids to a variety of animals. These nozzles are made with first quality of stainless steel and can be attached to syringes for precise dosage delivery. The luer lock mechanism ensures a secure fit to the syringe, preventing accidental detachment during the drenching process. They are commonly used for administering medication or nutrients to livestock and pets, and their reusable nature, coupled with the ability to sterilize them, makes them a cost-effective and reliable choice for animal care. Includes Smooth olive tip.  Specification: 4 3/4″ long ‍




    This automatic adjustable drencher is suitable for most drenches and solutions. Can be purchased alone or as a kit, which includes a 2.5 liter backpack container. Apply silicone oil after each use to maintain smooth operation. The KIT configuration (02-DR20CCKIT) includes a 2.5 L backpack container. ‍Features• Refills automatically. • Aluminum alloy handle and lever. • Dripless stainless steel nozzle. Transparent barrels. • Comes with canula, washer kit, and tubing. Use this syringe & drencher to vaccinate or drench your animals for internal parasites. It refills itself between injections via a plastic tube (included) that can be attached to back pack or bottle. Can be use with needles to convert it into vaccinator with feeding tube Includes metal luer lock to be use with any disposable or reusable needle. Includes canula to be used as an oral drencher. Hard materials, long durability. Common Uses For vaccinating and drenching medium to large animals. Customization Sold as a syringe for vaccinating but you can add a drench nozzle (included) for drenching. Includes: drencher / syringe, tube, cannula, set of o’rings Can be used with a Backpack (sold separately) ‍

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  • 2CC / 5CC Tube Fed Vaccinator

    2CC / 5CC Tube Fed Vaccinator

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      In the realm of veterinary medicine, the 2ml and 5ml vaccinator with a feeding tube represents a significant advancement in delivering medications and vaccines efficiently and accurately. This device is particularly beneficial for mass treatments, where precision and speed are crucial. The self-refilling syringe mechanism allows for consistent dosage without the risk of human error, ensuring each animal receives the exact amount of medication required. The use of a feeding tube set, often accompanied by a sinker valve, guarantees that the medicament reaches the bottom of the container and is fully utilized, minimizing waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the design of these vaccinators often includes features such as plunger tightness without O-rings to prevent contamination and durable materials for longevity. The quality of these instruments is paramount, as it directly impacts the health and well-being of the animals being treated. Regular maintenance and proper handling are essential to preserve their functionality and reliability. In conclusion, the 2ml and 5ml vaccinator with a feeding tube is a vital tool in veterinary practices, enhancing the quality of care provided to animals through precise and efficient medication administration. IVS kit includes extra parts Accurately delivers selected dose Easy V-grip for high volume use Metal Luer Lock tip Removable barrel for cleaning Durable plastic design Clear-colored barrel and tubing for easy reading SKU: 02-PL2ML-FB (Adjustable dosage from .25mL to 2mL)SKU: 02-PL5ML-FB (Adjustable dosage from .5mL to 5mL)

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  • Sale -5% IVS 50ML Self-Filling Multi Doser Kit

    IVS 50ML Self-Filling Multi Doser Kit

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    50CC DRENCHING MULTIDOSE GUN W/TUBING AND ADAPTOR , BACKPACK INCLUDED This kit includes the IVS 50 ml Self-Filling Multi Doser for livestock drenching and syringe injection plus a convenient 2.5 L (0.66 Gal) Backpack for rapid mass drenching. DOSER: Adjustable by 5ml doses. Ergonomic handle makes this drencher easy to manipulate. Built with very strong and durable materials this is a very long lasting product. Comes with luer lock cannula silicone oil bottle set of washers luer lock metal end feeding tube with back pack adaptor set of straps plastic tube to be used as connector with Backpack Metal key for adjustment 2.5 L BACKPACK Back Pack Unit Standard and Vented Caps 8 ft. strap

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