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  • Tom Cat Catheter

    Tom Cat Catheter

    Used for aid in treatment of urinary track disease. Sterile packed, luer lock. Length 13.75 cm. Semi-Rigid polypropylene urinary catheter comes with adapter to easily secure in place. Options: Closed End or Open End.‍

  • Animal Mouth Gag—Stainless Steel

    Animal Mouth Gag—Stainless Steel

    Animal mouth gags are essential tools in veterinary medicine, particularly designed for oral examinations and procedures. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, these gags are valued for their durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring they can withstand repeated sterilization processes. The spring-loaded mechanism is a common feature that aids in maintaining the mouth open during procedures, which is crucial for treatments or examinations involving the mouth, gums, teeth, or tongue. The quality of these instruments is critical as they must be reliable, easy to clean, and safe for both the animal and the veterinarian. With a variety of sizes available, they cater to different animal breeds, ensuring a proper fit and preventing undue stress or injury. Reusable and designed for longevity, stainless steel animal mouth gags represent a combination of functionality and quality, making them a staple in veterinary practices. Oral procedures often include dental cleanings, where tartar and plaque are removed from an animal's teeth, and oral surgeries, such as the extraction of damaged or decayed teeth. They are also utilized during endotracheal intubation to keep the animal's airway open during anesthesia. In more complex cases, mouth gags aid in the treatment of oral injuries or diseases, such as repairing a broken jaw or removing oral tumors. It's important to note that while these tools are indispensable, their use must be carefully managed to avoid potential complications like reduced blood flow or nerve damage, especially when using spring-loaded type FEATURES• Premium quality Stainless Steel construction: forged from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for the highest quality and value.• High mirror-polished finish can be ultrasonically cleaned and will not tarnish.• Hygienic and : Easy to sterilize and fully autoclavable without fear of degradation. An eco-friendly and hygienic addition to any veterinary clinic or hospital.• Mouth Gag is easy to apply and remove.• Spring action and nylon inserts for less trauma.• 3 Sizes : Xtra Small, Small and Medium ‍

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  • 4” Cohesive Bandage, Camouflage Pattern

    4” Cohesive Bandage, Camouflage Pattern

    Cohesive bandages, particularly those with a 4-inch width and camouflage pattern, are a unique and versatile product that serve a variety of purposes in medical and non-medical settings. These bandages are self-adherent, meaning they stick to themselves without adhering to skin or hair, which makes them an ideal choice for quick and painless application and removal. The quality of these bandages is evident in their material composition—typically a woven fabric coated with latex or synthetic materials that provide both elasticity and breathability. This combination allows the bandage to conform to the body's contours, support without restricting movement, and promote faster healing by letting the skin breathe. The camouflage pattern on these bandages is not just for aesthetic appeal; it serves practical purposes as well. In outdoor activities and military use, the pattern helps blend medical dressing with the environment, which can be crucial in tactical situations. Moreover, the cohesive bandage's compression capabilities make it an excellent tool for managing swelling and improving blood flow to injured areas, thereby aiding in the recovery process. Its ease of use also extends to sports, where it supports muscles and joints, and in veterinary care, where it provides a secure hold without discomfort to animals. In conclusion, the 4-inch cohesive bandage with a camouflage pattern is a testament to the innovation in medical supplies, offering quality, functionality, and versatility. Its design and material science unlock a range of uses, from therapeutic applications to practical solutions in various settings. This cohesive bandage wrap easily adheres to itself but will not stick to other surfaces, such as skin or hair, making it easy to remove. Unlike non-adhesive bandages, the self-adhering bandage wraps do not require clips or pins to stay in place. Ideal for use on pets and livestock, also works great on human ankles, wrists, fingers, toes, elbows and knees! Features• Strong self adhesive — quick & easy application. • Provides lightweight compression and sticks to itself without sticking to the wound. • Allows skin to breathe and is non-irritating. • Each roll is 4˝ x 5 yds of stretchable material. • Sold individually or in boxes of 18. ‍

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  • Last stock! XTREME BIO® Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Disinfectant

    XTREME BIO® Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Disinfectant

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    DescriptionYour first line of defense against pathogens! Safe for humans and animals, Xtreme Bio is a tested and proven antimicrobial that inactivates certain viruses, and kills germs and bacteria on surfaces. It’s a Shield of Biosecurity!™Xtreme Bio also kills fungus, and inactivates viruses that are often associated in CAFO’s and critical biosecurity control points.CONCENTRATE: One Gallon of Concentrate makes up to 64 gallons of Ready-To-Use formula!AEROSOL:  Ready-To-Use, just spray on any surface to treat!Patented Technology that Inactivates Pathogens at their Source Non-Toxic, made entirely with “GRAS” ingredients (Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA) Has been shown to treat in the presence of minimal amounts of organic matter Reduces exposure in trailers, chutes, footbaths, terminals and critical biosecurity points Provides inactivation of  certain viruses, PEDv, PRRSv, PCV-2, SE and AI. Immediately active formulation Odorless, Non-hazardous, Non-corrosive, Non-toxic, Non-mutagenic formula Dermal skin test data as non-irritant Dermal eye test data as non-irritant ‍

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  • Mercury-Free Veterinary Thermometer, Dual Scale

    Mercury-Free Veterinary Thermometer, Dual Scale

    The IVS Mercury-Free Dual Scale Veterinary Thermometer with Case is important to have on hand at the barn. Changes in body temperature can be an indication of illness and provide valuable information to your vet. This thermometer comes in a sturdy storage case to keep it safe and clean. The wider design of the thermometer makes it easy to hold, and the large measurement numbers are shown in Fahrenheit and Celsius. A must-have item for your first-aid kit! Veterinary use only. Features Mercury-free Fahrenheit and Celsius Blister Packed. Durable construction Easy to read calibrations Reference list of normal temperature of various livestock animals No mercury content present Accurate Includes hard case‍


  • Spiral Curry Comb

    Spiral Curry Comb

    Four spring steel spiral blades with dual sides: one side has rounded teeth for fine, thin hair, the other side has sharp teeth for coarse thick hair. Plastic handle, colors may vary.‍


  • Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowl with Paddle

    Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowl with Paddle

    Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowls with Paddles are innovative watering solutions designed to provide a constant, fresh supply of water to animals. These devices are particularly beneficial for livestock and pets, ensuring that they have access to clean water without the need for constant human intervention. The quality of these bowls is often highlighted by their durable construction, typically made from high-quality plastics that can withstand the rigors of daily use by animals. The paddle mechanism is a key feature, which allows water to flow automatically when touched by the animal, making it easy for them to drink whenever they need to. This not only promotes better hydration and health but also simplifies the management of water supplies in farms and homes. The convenience and efficiency of Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowls with Paddles make them a valuable addition to any animal care system Large water bowl made of high quality plastic• Spring-action tongue paddle allows water to automatically flow out when animals touch it.• Top and bottom water inlets• Locking spring included• Suitable for wall-mounting as well as for tube-mounting• Comes complete with mounting plates• Animals never run out of water! ‍


  • Automatic Livestock Drinker/Waterer

    Automatic Livestock Drinker/Waterer

    Automatic livestock drinkers, also known as waterers, have revolutionized the way farmers and ranchers provide water to their animals. These devices offer a consistent and reliable source of water, which is essential for the health and productivity of livestock. The history of providing water to animals dates back to when humans first domesticated them, relying on natural water sources. With the advent of automatic waterers, the process has become more efficient, reducing labor costs and time spent managing water supplies.  Quality and use are paramount when considering automatic waterers. They come in various types, each with specific features designed to cater to different environmental conditions and animal requirements.  The benefits of using automatic waterers are numerous. They improve the quality of life for both operators and livestock by providing a constant water supply, which is particularly beneficial in rotational grazing systems. This ensures that animals have access to fresh water in each paddock, supporting their health and well-being. Additionally, the convenience of automatic waterers allows for better resource management, enabling farmers to focus on other critical aspects of their operations.  When selecting an automatic waterer, it's essential to consider the number of animals it will serve, the climate, and the specific needs of the livestock. Proper planning and installation are crucial to maximize the benefits and ensure the longevity of the waterer. With the right choice, automatic livestock drinkers can be a valuable addition to any agricultural operation, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the farm Made of ABS plastic our drinking bowl equipped with ½˝ brass nipple and valve system has a flow valve and nylon frost plug protection. Touch switch allows the animals to get water automatically when they push/touch the valve, so you don't have to keep refilling the bowl. Livestock can access fresh and clean water whenever they like. Unique shape design makes it suitable for various head types. Features Touch switch for automatic water access. 7.25˝ (18.5 cm) diameter bowl Connects to 1/2" water pipe Capacity: approximately 1L Installs easily and can be quickly disassembled for fast, easy cleaning. Suitable for small sheep, goats, small livestock, dogs, etc. Maintaining automatic livestock waterers is crucial for ensuring a clean and reliable water supply for animals. Regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to prevent the buildup of algae, biofilm, and harmful bacteria, which can lead to health issues in livestock. It's recommended to drain, scrub, and disinfect the waterers on a routine basis, ideally every few weeks, to maintain optimal hygiene levels. Inspecting for leaks, damage, and ensuring all mechanical components function correctly is also vital to prevent water wastage and ensure the waterers operate efficiently. In colder climates, checking the heating elements and insulation is necessary to prevent freezing. Additionally, monitoring water quality and flow is important to address any changes promptly, maintaining the health and productivity of the herd. ‍


  • Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush

    Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush

    The Flexible Polyteen Massage Brush is a versatile tool designed for the care of livestock, particularly for removing deep-seated dirt and loose hairs. Its flexible polyteen bristles are gentle yet effective, making it suitable for regular grooming to maintain the animal's coat health. Additionally, the brush features special guards for finger protection and an adjustable hand strap to accommodate any hand size, ensuring comfort and safety during use. While primarily intended for livestock, similar brushes are also available for pets like cats and dogs, and even for human hair care, offering detangling benefits and scalp massages. The quality of such brushes is often reflected in their durability and the comfort they provide during grooming sessions. When selecting a massage brush, it's important to consider the type of bristles, the flexibility of the brush head, and the ergonomic design of the handle for ease of use Flexible and  comfortable hand grip makes it easy to groom. Durable polyteen bristles are designed to remove deep-seated dirt and loose hairs. Finger protection, special guard and adjustable hand strap fits any size hand. Color may vary ‍


  • Large Rubber Curry Comb

    Large Rubber Curry Comb

    This soft black rubber curry combs helps remove mud and loosen matted dirt for quick grooming. Great for horses! Black‍


  • Pro-Mask Tri-Layer Washable Face Mask

    Pro-Mask Tri-Layer Washable Face Mask

     This 3-layer washable/reusable Moisture Barrier Face Mask offers great protection while also allowing for easy breathing. Protects against certain viruses, bacteria, dirt and pollen. NO uncomfortable nose wire! Outer layer provides – Filtration, Moisture wicking, dissipates moisture; 100% micro-poly. Inner layer provides – Fluid block to prevent fluid from coming through or going out; non-woven poly material. Surface to face layer provides - Comfort and aids in additional filtration: 100% micro-poly. Washable/Reusable. Soft round elastic cord for comfort. Durable and long lasting! Important: wash before first usage.‍



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